Wednesday/ cold .. and hot (under the collar)

SAP Logon Pad
The innocent SAP logon pad, which I never thought could become a bone of contention, became exactly that today here on our project. (Project Moonshot is my invention, and just for illustration).

We threw in the towel this morning, and took a shuttle van that the hotel provided for us, to work.  It was -13 °F/ -25°C outside.  I see the Wall Street Journal reports that we all are ‘obsessed with the weather’ and ‘reveling in winter’ .. hmm.  I’m not so sure about ‘reveling’!

And then at work, it was a very unsettled day.  Our Basis team set up the SAP systems that we use, and then the Functional teams configure its functions.  So these two parties had a disagreement which almost got out of control. But we found a solution, and set up the SAP access and controls in a way which was acceptable to both parties.

*SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products and is the world’s most popular system for the finances, supply chain logistics, work management and human resources of large companies.

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