Wednesday/ the Avalanche has it

IMG_0218 sm
A sweater for sale in the fan shop. That’s the foot of a Sasquatch (abominable snowman),the alternative logo of the Colorado Avalanche ice hockey team.
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The Pepsi Center is a multi-purpose stadium : used for ice hockey, basketball, and even musical concerts. Justin Timberlake is scheduled for a show later in January.
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This is during a break between one of the four periods. Those are zambonis on the ice, the ice resurfacing machines, The machine is named after its inventor, Frank Zamboni. Also check out the in-stadium only blimps (‘Dream Big’ advertises the lottery!) that are radio-controlled with little electric propellers.
IMG_0210 sm
Here’s some action on the ice. The Colorado Avalanche bested the Ottawa Senators 4-3 in overtime. The Avalanche team captain is Gabriel Landeskog, a Swedish national.

On Wednesday night we had a project team event : going to an ice hockey game here in downtown Denver’s Pepsi Center.  (Yes, we DO work here in Denver as well!).   We had great seats ($103 said my ticket, a good thing I did not have to pay). It was not a sold-out event, but there was a pretty good turn-out, given that it was a week night, and that it was pretty cold outside.

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