Saturday/ sloppy joes, tater tots and Superman

Man-Of-Steel-Henry-Cavill-Kal_El-3 sm
Here he is : the Man of Steel that also goes by Superman and Kal El, and Henry Cavill as a mortal human.

Bryan made sloppy joes and tater tots for Gary and me on Saturday night.  (It was very yummy. Check out the Wikipedia entries below . both are classic American ‘dishes’).  And then we watched ‘Man of Steel (2013)’ with Henry Cavill as the latest incarnation of the Superman character created 75 years ago by DC Comics.  I liked it, and thought the scenes between Kevin Costner as the dad raising young Clark Kent, were well done.  But I see there is criticism as well from long-time fans : there is an awful lot of destruction in the film and Superman (gasp!) kills the archvillain, general Zod in the end.  Apparently that is not in character for Superman as superhero.   The movie’s costume designers also did away with the ‘trademark’ red outerwear/ underwear over Superman’s blue costume. Oh well : the times and fashions change even for a superhero.. or not?

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