Tuesday/ ice is very slippery

Watch out! That’s ice, and extremely slippery.

It’s warming up here in Denver from the deep freeze, but by Tuesday the day highs still had not reached up to freezing point (32 °F/ 0°C). The streets and sidewalks are free of snow and ice, for the most part .. but I still watch carefully for ice as I walk to around.  Ice is very, very slippery, and the table of ‘coefficients of friction’ shows exactly that.   (The coefficient of friction is an indicator of what horizontal force is needed to move one object over another, or one object resting on the surface of another).

12-11-2013 3-44-51 PM
Check out these selected values from a table that I found on the engineeringtoolbox.com website for static friction coefficients.  Ice is a very slippery substance, even more so than teflon !

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