Monday/ going way, way below zero

IMG_9472 sm2
Look at this .. I received a little souvenir United business card from this morning’s flight’s captain (Molly Flanagan, she absolutely must be Irish, right?) thanking me for all my flying on United.
IMG_9471 sm
The front of the card.

We flew away from a large winter storm system that is going to trek across the country from the Pacific Northwest from Monday night onwards.. but we won’t escape it even here in Denver.   The weather service predicts the temperature is going to go from 41°F/ 5°C today to 4°F/-16°C on Wednesday, and to -12°F/-24°C on Thursday.  I don’t think we can walk even the 7 blocks to work in -12°F/-24°C weather. Time will tell what happens !



IMG_9438 sm
Here’s Denver’s beautiful blue sky at our arrival at 8.45 am this morning.  It’s not going to last, though.   By Thursday anything remotely wet – or not – will be frozen solid.

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