Friday/ the SC13 conference to start

IMG_9295 sm
The SC13 is a supercomputing conference, scheduled for next week in the Colorado Conference Center in Denver.

We know there is going to be a big conference center event in Denver next week, because we are getting pushed out of our Hilton hotel and back to the venerable and well-worn old Warwick hotel.  I noticed the SC13 lamp post banners this morning while walking to the office.  Turns out SC13 stands for SuperComputer, and I see on the program there will be workshops for ‘Graph Partitioning and Data Clustering’ and ‘Building on the European Exascale Approach’.  Hmm.  I would have loved to understand what that is all about – but it’s still heads-down for us, with our plain vanilla SAP systems work on the project.  We have to get the design phase all wrapped up before the ’13’ in SC13 is gone!


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