Wednesday/ Go Nuggets!

Quick!  What is the DenverDenver Nuggets basketball team called?  The Denver Nuggets*, and they played the LA Lakers tonight, and besting them with an 111-99 score. (Both teams had injuries to deal with). There was a handful of decent tickets given to us by our client, but we were all swamped with work, and felt we could not go .. preparing for a big system design review next week, and preparing the project plan for the next phase.   So at 6.30 pm the PwC project manager, exasperated and worried that the tickets will go to waste, shooed six technical team members out the door and said ‘Go! Just go!’  And so they did.  The game was on the Pepsi Center, barely a mile from where we work.

*Gold nuggets, of course.   A reference to the state’s gold mining and prospecting history.

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