Monday/ the new Benjamin is blue

IMG_8970 sm
The sun is just lighting up the snow caps on the mountains below our Boeing 757 this morning. This is somewhere between Seattle and Denver, I’m not exactly sure where !
IMG_8980 sm2
The old ‘Benjamin’ is on the top and new one with the bluish tint and fancy holographic ribbon and orange bell, below. There’s a watermark of Benjamin Franklin in the white space. The orange jar with a bell on it has a lot must have taken several drops of ink to print onto the note!
IMG_8984 sm2
And here are the backs of the bills.

I checked again today at lunch time with the bank if they had new $100 bills, and they did.   The teller emerged from the vault with a crisp new stack of one hundred $100 bills (so : $10,000; enough to choke a horse?) and peeled off two for me.  The new bills have a blue appearance and is not radically different from the old – but it does have some nice touches of color with the blue and the orange.

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