Friday/ Windows 8.1

10-19-2013 11-14-36 PM
The Windows Start button is back – sort of – ‘by popular demand’, in Windows 8.1.

I downloaded and installed Windows 8.1.  It works a little better now.  It is finally ‘usable’, say some tech commentators.  The Surface 2 tablet will come out just about as Apple is to announce its iPad 5 and possibly an improved iPad mini.   I know Windows are trying to lure some business users to the Surface with its Windows applications, but I for one cannot just see myself using the Surface 2 for work – ever.  Even if some day my firm would be able to put all the PC apps on the Surface, there are the obstacles of pure physics.  I need all 15 inches of my notebook computer’s screen, and I need a proper keyboard with keys and key caps.   And my finger will never, ever be as sharp as a mouse pointer.

Windows 8.1 sm
Windows 8.1 with a big bold arrow to provide tips of new functions. It seems the developers have realized that there are many desktop users, that use a MOUSE on a regular screen to navigate WIndows and not a FINGER on a touch screen.

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