Wednesday/ the Daniels & Fischer tower

IMG_8910 sm
The Daniels & Fisher (D&F) Tower is a distinctive Denver landmark. Built as part of the Daniels & Fisher department store in 1910, it was the tallest between the Mississippi and California at the time of construction, at a height of 325 feet (99 m).

We had a nice team dinner on Tuesday night at a restaurant called Willie G’s, a seafood and steak place.  I had some halibut and vegetables with a nice white wine.  It was quite a walk down there from the hotel, but I am sure the ‘exercise’ was good for me.  And I got to check out the Denver clock tower (also called the Daniels & Fisher tower) from up close.

P.S.  Soo .. the US Government is set to open in the morning, and the debt ceiling has been raised from its $16.7 trillion level to some level that will pay the bills through Jan 15 next year.  Hooray?

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