Thursday/ sleep like a panda

I don’t come in ‘too late’ from my trips to Denver on Thursday nights (about 10pm), but it’s hard to just step into the house and go to sleep.  I’m too excited to be home; there’s a mailbox full of junk mail; and I can make something to eat if I missed dinner.  I can also check if there is any worthwhile news of the government shutdown (no, none), or .. I can watch the pandas on Atlanta Zoo’s panda cam on the computer.  I sleep like the one on the right, but I love the way that other cub is sleeping on its back.  Aw.

Panda cam
ABC News still photo from the Atlanta Fulton County Zoo’s “Panda Cam.” The cam shows the progress of twin newborn giant pandas, the first twin panda cubs born in the U.S. in over 25 years.

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