Thursday/ Trader Joe

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We talked about clarified butter Monday night at dinner, and I ran into it by accident on the shelf. This is ‘ghee’, a South Asian version of clarified butter. Clarified butter does not have mile solids in .. so why is this stuff not clear, I wonder? Hmm?
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It’s not October yet (for Oktoberfest), and this not real German beer (it’s brewed in San Jose, California). I would have bought some, but I walked to the store, and the stuff is heavy. Next time.

I like to go to Trader Joe every now and again even though I really cannot claim that I am a foodie.¬†You go .. hey, what’s this? Ooh, let me try it. And this? Got to have some of that as well. They have all the stuff that’s in a regular grocery store, but just not with the mega brand names. So they have their own style of Oreo cookies, or potato chips, and never ever Starbucks coffee or Lipton tea. Those are corporate ‘evil empires’ that will never get their products on the shelves of Trader Joe.

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A painting inside the store that pays homage to Seattle with a ferry that plies the waters of Puget Sound in the foreground, and (of course) the Spaceneedle in the city skyline.

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