Monday/ it’s my birthday – again!

IMG_7988 sm
My name on my birthday card envelope written to show that it can almost – but not quite – be made to look and be read as a palindrome (reading the same back to front, as from front to back).

Monday is probably the worst day of the week for a birthday.  But even though I left it very late to check in with my compadres, we did go out to a restaurant for a bite and a beer. The place is in the Madrona neighborhood, called St Cloud and bills itself as ‘contemporary comfort food in an urban neighborhood setting’.  On the way in we spotted a distinguished guest inside the restaurant : our congressman Jim McDermott.  We sat outside on a deck in what looked like a house’s back yard.  I had the garlic-fried chicken with mashed potato and broccoli (very good) and a white Belgian beer.

IMG_7985 sm
My ‘Blanche De Bruxelles’ white Belgian beer sported the Mannekin Pis from Brussels on the label.  How rude! (but I like it).   


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