Thursday/ that’s not a lion!

This is from a news clip that was carried on CNN, and also posted on Yahoo.  Chinese state media in the city of Luohe in Henan tried to pass off a big hairy dog as a lion.

The African ‘lion’ in a zoo in Luohe in Henan province in China is really a Tibetan mastiff. The big dog gave the ploy away when it barked at on-lookers.  Aw. (Yes, that mane looks a little too manicured and mono-colored!).
Here is a different picture of a red Tibetan mastiff that I found on-line, all fluffed up. A beautiful dog, but man! how much food does it need every day? The Tibetan mastiff is one of several ‘giant breeds’ of dogs.  Some others that come to mind are St. Bernards and Great Danes. 

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