Tuesday/ on Royal Baby watch

Royal Welcome
The Royal Mint’s Facebook page invites soon-to-be parents in the UK to apply for a ‘lucky’ silver penny to celebrate the birth of their baby on the same day as Kate and Williams’.
2013 Royal Mint Silver Penny2
Here is the silver penny. I love coins; would have bought a full set of 2013 UK coins if I had the opportunity when we were just there with the cruise ship. I see I can still order them on-line from the Royal Mint, though.

So .. the due date for the birth of Prince William and Duchess Kate’s baby has come and gone.  When will it be? It’s got to be soon, right?  (I know nothing about babies).  The Royal Mint in the UK has announced that they will send a lucky 2013 sliver penny to parents whose babies are born on the same day as Kate and William’s.  The parents have to apply on the Royal Mint’s Facebook page.  There are only 2013 (the quantity) 2013 (the date) pennies available, which should suffice : on a typical day 2,000 babies are born in the UK.

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