Tuesday/ ABBA’s museum opens

The ABBA museum has opened in Stockholm. (Yes, yes. I’m an ABBA fan. Is there anyone that is not?).  There’s a red telephone in the museum for visitors, and supposedly ‘only four people in the world has the number’ (named Agnetha, Björn, Bennie and Anni-Frid).  Hmm.  So if it rings, pick it up, says the website (can I wrestle it away from the person that dared get there ahead of me?).   Björn Ulvaeus was very modest when Natalie from the Today show (morning TV show in the USA) interviewed him, saying that their timing was right and for some reason many, many people around the world just liked the music that they produced.  He also said that it was ‘a little weird’ to play such a big part in creating a museum for oneself — but the city of Stockholm had been asking them for many  years to do that, and they obliged.

Here’s a picture from a Swedish newspaper DN’s website. Björn Ulvaeus is being interviewed inside the museum.  That’s a much younger Björn behind him in the famous park bench photo shot for the cover of the first ABBA’s Greatest Hits album.  That’s Agnetha on the left; they were married at the time – but later divorced.  The album (in vinyl of course) was one of the very, very first music albums I bought.  I loved every song on it.

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