Wednesday/ ‘Elvis’ arrested

There was a lot in the news on Wednesday!   Ready?  1.  The FBI announces a break-through with surveillance video for the Boston bombings.  CNN ends up with egg on its face, first saying arrests have been made, then retracting that ‘Breaking News’ announcement a hour later.  2.  A gun control bill (for universal background checks) fails in the Senate. This for something that 90% of the citizenry supports. A big boo! – BOO! – to the US senators that voted no. Go home!   3. Huge explosion at a fertilizer factory in Texas, probably killing 15 people, hurting scores, and decimating homes and buildings in the little town of West.   4. The wife of a former justice of the peace (I guess that’s similar to a sheriff), confesses her role to the killings of a District Attorney and his wife AND a deputy district attorney, ending a nationally publicized man-hunt. Her husband had been convicted of stealing public property, and he was the trigger-man. Her bail was set at $10 million.   5.  A 45-yr old Elvis impersonator with paranoia and delusions of government gets arrested for sending ricin-laced letters to the President and a US senator.  The mail did not make it to the US Capitol building.

Ricin USA Today sm
Here is an explanation of ricin’s effects on the human body published in the USA Today. It’s not a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ such as anthrax, though .. and handling a ricin-tainted letter is unlikely to be a lethal dose to the recipient.


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