Monday/ 10 years since the Iraq invasion

The link below is to one of many articles doing the rounds on-line, commenting on the 10-year anniversary this week of the USA’s invasion of Iraq.  Sure : there are neo-conservatives saying the Iraq-Afghanistan wars should not have been ended.  There is a documentary out this week by public broadcaster PBS about Pres. Bush’s Vice President Dick Cheney in which he stands by his views with no apology whatsoever. He still believes a president should have virtually unlimited wartime power.  I am a pacifist.  Like someone said, wars do not determine what is right; they just determine what is left.

From the article : Ten years after the first American bombs fell on Baghdad, the United States is still paying the costs for the invasion of Iraq — monetarily, strategically, psychologically and morally. The decision to launch the war is sure to be re-debated ad nauseum over the coming days, but the simple reality is that the United States …

via 5 Reasons The U.S. Is Worse Off Because Of The Iraq War.

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