Tuesday/ chocolate rabbit

IMG_5946 sm
My chocolate bunny was made in Germany. This is the little one (3.5 oz/ 100g); there is also a BIG bunny (7.0 oz/ 200g).
It seems quite incredible that there was such a massive oversupply of cocoa in 2011.
Africa’s chocolate is exported to Europe and to a lesser extent, to North America.

It’s chocolate and it’s a rabbit, so I could not resist.  I will let the bunny sit on the counter for a few days and then bite its ears!  I couldn’t find Lindt’s dark chocolate ones this year.  At first I thought it is because cocoa and prices have gone through the roof, making the dark chocolate ones too expensive.  But I see that after climbing to a 32-year high in 2011, commodity market prices for cocoa has fallen 74 percent since then.

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