Monday/ rooster sauce in space

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Here’s the sauce on the grocery shelf. It’s very affordable, about $3.50 for these bottles. And with me a little will go a very long way !
dinnerontheiss sm
I found this picture of international space station astronauts on Check out the sriracha hot sauce against the white wall ! Bloomberg Businessweek writes it’s been name-checked on ‘The Simpsons’, is featured prominently on the Food Network (used for sauces and soups) and has inspired a cottage industry of knock-offs.

Sriracha sauce is a hot sauce product by Huy Fong Foods, created by Chinese-Vietnamese founder David Tran.  Now 68 years old, he came to the USA in 1979, started out in Boston, found little climate comfort in the snowy winters there and soon moved his family to Los Angeles.  He created the sauce at first by grinding jalapeno peppers out by hand.  The original sauce that he made of jalapenos, vinegar, sugar, salt and garlic, has changed very little since that time.  His brand of sriracha – it is now a generic term like ketchup – has become shockingly popular in the USA.

So when I saw it on the grocery store shelf here, I bought a small bottle.  I squeezed just a little dab into my rice for dinner tonight, and it’s very hot for my taste buds, but I will hang in there and try it a few more times.

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