Wednesday/ Von Trapp’s in Seattle

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Von Trapp’s is on 12th Avenue

A group of nine of us went out to Von Trapp’s tonight : a new German-style bier and bratwurst hall right here in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district on 12th Ave.  The inside of the place is cavernous and comes complete will some bocce ball* courts as well.   *closely related to bowls/ lawn bowling

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This is at the entrance.  I think the chandeliers are beautiful.  They have the perfect industrial elegance for their surroundings in the beer hall.
IMG_5414 sm
The picture is a little dark! .. the bocce ball courts are on the left.  I like the giant clock with its clean markers and hands. There is a mezzanine at the back of it, one of two in the beer hall, with additional seating spaces.

I washed down my bratwurst and sauerkraut with a pils (of course : it’s my favorite type of beer), and also had a roasted beet salad with it.  We all agreed that the food was not outstanding, but definitely worth coming back to.  The place was packed with people and noisy! .. but I suspect that’s what patrons of these establishments like. The noise makes for a buzz of excitement, to go with the buzz from one’s beer!

The restaurant’s Facebook page. Paul in our group pointed out that there are Von Trapps in the classic ‘The Sound of Music’ musical. So from Wikipedia : Real-life Baroness Maria Augusta von Trapp’s story served as the inspiration for a 1956 German film that in turn inspired the Broadway musical The Sound of Music. Wikipedia


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