Wednesday/ no snoozing for me

The snooze button is a standard feature on bedside alarms in the USA. (A big button on the top that stops the alarm and sets it to ring again at a short time later, most commonly nine minutes .. yes – nine, not ten, did you know that?).   I don’t use the snooze button, though.  When my iPhone alarm goes off at 5.15 am here in the hotel, I know : time’s UP. Got to jump out of bed now to make breakfast downstairs at 6.00 am!  Last week I actually proved that I can speed it up dramatically; was woken one morning at 6.00 am by my colleague’s phone call, and made it down by 6.15 am!  Of course, for that to happen there is no morning shower, no tidying up the room a bit – and certainly no ironing my shirt.

IMG_4953 sm

Some statistics in today’s Wall Street Journal related to sleeping. Yes, 6 hrs of sleep is really not enough! I try to get 7 1/2, and definitely a little more on weekends,


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