Monday/ lying low

I see a 100°F/ 38°C for Friday in the weather forecast here! .. so best to lie low in the shade of a house or a tree, right?  And drink lots of water, juice and iced tea.

12-18-2012 11-55-31 AM
Weather forecast in Celsius.
12-18-2012 11-45-47 AM
Weather forecast in Fahrenheit.


IMG_4201 sm
The ‘Whispers of Summer’ juice blend is one of my favorites.
IMG_4219 sm
I love this turquoise can of iced tea with the red letters ‘Bos’ (‘Bush’) and the lion that makes me think of Louis the Lowveld Lion.
And here is Louis the Lowveld (‘Low Lands’)Lion, created in 1974 by cartoonist Wim Bosman. (Bilharzia is a tiny parasitic worm. I think that’s a hippopotamus that surprises the baboon).

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