Saturday/ ready for battle?

(Late post). South African President Jacob Zuma is facing a challenge for leadership of his party (the African National Congress) at the ANC conference that is currently underway.  He has come under fire for his leadership as President – or the lack thereof – in the face of challenges such as the slowing economy, joblessness and spiraling corruption and waste in the South African government.  The picture from the Financial Mail is from an event in November at his home in Nkandla, a village in rural KwaZulu-Natal.   Mr Zuma will nonetheless probably be re-elected ANC party leader, virtually assuring him of another term as the country’s president from 2014, due to the ANC’s overwhelming political dominance.

P.S. The internet problem here has been solved. (Yay!). The visitors here at the family residence with all their wi-fi devices gobbled up all of the monthly data allotment from the internet service provider in one week (of course).

IMG_4198 sm
[Front page of the Financial Mail magazine]  Can South Africa endure seven more years of Zuma? asks the Financial Mail magazine.  Mr Zuma is wearing a traditional Zulu warrior leopard skin jacket and brandishing an assegai (a light spear for close combat).

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