Sunday/ ‘animal style’

It’s 10 pm Mountain Time and I am at Salt Lake City airport waiting for my colleague to arrive from the East Coast so that we can share a rental car.   We may stop at the In-n-Out Burger with its ‘animal style’ burgers and others on from the not-so-secret menu. I think it refers to terms that the servers and customers started to make up – apart from the official items on the menu.   The In-n-Out is next to interstate I-15 on the way up to Ogden. I just had a banana and a piece of pumpkin loaf ‘bread’ (it’s actually cake!) from Starbucks – and I think that was dinner for me, though.

[From the Salt Lake City airport website] These LED Christmas ‘trees’ at the airport entrance are simple, but look very festive.
Here’s the In-n-Out Burger menu that shows the ‘animal style’ burger .. everything is sort of mashed up together instead of separated lettuce, pattie and cheese. It’s certainly a menu for carnivores !


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