Sunday/ in Salt Lake City

I am in Salt Lake City*, took the non-stop Delta flight out here (about 2 hrs).  I have no ‘status’ on Delta so I had to pay money to check my bag ($25), and I paid extra for an Economy+ seat with more leg room ($39).  You can even buy priority boarding for $9 (why? -to get your carry-on luggage into the overhead bins before they are full! ) and once on board and at 10,000 ft you can get wi-fi internet access for $4.50 per each 30 mins.

*it’s the same project as the one I traveled to the client’s Pittsburgh headquarters for.  The facility where we will do the project is out here in the Salt Lake City area.

It was Veteran’s Day in the USA today. Here’s Google’s tribute on the USA home page.
Here’s the view out the window while we’re approaching Salt Lake City airport. Yes, the body of water is the southern part of the Great Salt Lake.
A beautiful late afternoon-blue sky at Salt Lake City airport, at about 4.30pm.  It snowed a little earlier on Sunday, but at our arrival the tarmac and roads were clear.  It was strange for me to drive my rental car through a landscape of mountains and planes in shades of white and gray.
This map of the ski trails at Snowbasin is in the hotel here. Snowbasin Resort is 33 miles NE of Salt Lake City and one of the oldest continually operating ski resorts in the United States.


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