Monday/ even US Presidential Election campaigns end

.. which we are very thankful for. Stop the madness! Here is a set of pictures which I have to post today! – because who knows for sure what will happen tomorrow?  But time will soon tell.

Do not watch the elections alone, says this print ad – go to this Election Night Party (this one is for Democrats, judging by the paper it was published in). Someone is bound to cry in his (or her) beer when the night is done, though. E.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. c.a.n.n.o.t. win!
It really does not seem that the President will lose the state of Washington ..
.. or that Referendum 74 will be voted down.  (So gay people will win the popular vote for marry equality in Washington State).
.. and that Washington State will legalize the possession of small quantities of POT.
Here is the Obama campaign urging me to vote early (which I have, apparently as has 210 other Willems in the United States). Is that cool, or is that scary that they know that?
Polls and numbers from Monday’s Wall Street Journal, showing how evenly divided the popular vote is.
And numbers from some key counties inside the swing states, this is Arapahoe County in Colorado.
Volusia County in Florida.
And Hamilton County in Ohio.
And here is comedian Jon Stewart poking fun at the obsession of that the candidates and pollsters have with Ohio’s voters.


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