Saturday/ buttermilk rusks

Here are all the ingredients lined up before they make their contribution to the recipe. I used canola oil instead of butter, and cholesterol-free egg mix instead of real eggs but everything else is what the recipe calls for.

So fall season has started officially here in the Northern Hemisphere.  It was a little grey on Saturday morning and I decided it’s high time I baked some rusks again, from a recipe I got from my mom a long time ago (1996 says the date on the hand-written fax with the recipe).  Rusks are hard, dry biscuits that are twice-baked to dry them out completely.  The pictures show the progression and the final result.  It takes a little patience to dry the rusks out, and the whole house smells rusky and biscuity afterwards, but hey, that’s not a problem. I discovered that there is such a thing as aluminum-free baking powder, and got some. Supposedly it makes for a better taste of cookies or biscuits that are baked with it.

The wet ingredients are heated up a little to make them play nice with each other and mix : the canola oil, the buttermilk, the egg and the sugar.
Here is the self-raising flour, mixed with bran flakes, salt and baking powder in a separate bowl.
The wet and the dry stuff have been mixed up nicely, and the dough pressed into a baking pan. It goes into the oven for an hour ..
.. and comes out nicely baked with a dry crust, but still moist inside.
So the big piece of baked dough is cut up into little pieces of rusk and put back into the over at low heat for about 4 hours. That dries out the rusks completely.



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