Thursday/ dishwasher trouble

Alright, next up to fix/ get fixed is my 10-year old dishwasher : it goes through the cycle, but only a little bit of water seems to enter the machine.  I had a Sears technician scheduled to come and take a look but when he called to confirm the appointment he said no, he cannot help me.  Sears does not repair Asko dishwashers (Swedish manufacturer).  So back to square one.  There is a lot of helpful repair information on the internet these days and I should check one or two simple little things myself.  For example, the float valve might be stuck, fooling the machine into thinking the water level in the bottom is higher than it really is.

P.S. ‘How Stuff Works’ says Josephine Cochrane invented the modern dishwasher in 1886.  She was a wealthy socialite whose servants kept chipping her fine china while hand washing it.  So she developed a rack and water jet system that debuted at the 1893 Chicago World Fair. The company she founded eventually became KitchenAid.

This picture is from ‘How Stuff Works’.



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