Thursday/ my tin cup souvenir

I am back in Seattle from my New York-Pittsburgh trip.  This little saki cup* made from 100% tin is a souvenir that I bought back. *I bought it in a Japanese book store in New York.  For some reason I just feel attracted to metal items that’s a 100% pure element (gold and silver coins fall in that category!).  And I know there are controversies around tin : the big tin mines in Indonesia have an appalling safety record, and there is a mine in Democratic Republic of Congo controlled by a renegade militia.

Here is the cup. It’s small : that’s a US quarter coin next to it. Tin is not easily oxidized in air but melts at the low temperature of around 232 °C (449.6 °F).
This picture is from my prized collection of all the elements, which I made by scanning pages from the 1962 edition of the Time-Life book ‘The Elements’ and cutting them up into single pictures, one of each element. Did you know that Brits call tin cans simply – ‘tins’?


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