Tuesday/ talking up a storm

So the Republican National Convention started a day late .. tropical storm Isaac passed by on the west of Tampa and became a Category 1 Hurricane as it made landfall in New Orleans.   The countdown to the USA presidential election now approaches 60 days, and most polls show president Obama in the lead in the ‘battleground’ states, though.  (The winner of each state gets a number of ‘electoral college’ votes, and first to 270 wins the election).

This map from weather.com. 12 inches of rain will obviously make a lot of trouble for the Gulf Coast, but once the storm has moved up to the Midwest, the rain from it could actually bring some relief to drought-stricken areas.
Here is New Jersey governor Chris Christie delivering his keynote speech at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night.
.. with Republican nominee Mitt Romney and his wife Ann listening.
Here is a map I found on politico.com .. looks like Pres. Obama is slightly ahead in almost all the ‘battleground’ states.  Bush-Gore (2000) was 271-266, Bush-Kerry (2004) was 286-251 and Obama-McCain(2008) was 365-173. What will 2012 bring?


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