Friday/ massacre in a movie theater

For my readers that are not in the USA, there was a massacre in a movie theater in the Denver (Colorado) area at midnight on Thursday at the opening of the new Batman movie there.   A heavily armed 24-yr old guy shot 70 people, killing 12.   So it is ironic 1. that I had mentioned ‘bullet’ in my post for Thursday, and 2. that USA Today newspaper’s Friday issue notes that $2.9 billion dollars’ firearms and hunting equipment was sold in the USA in 2011.  I see Amazon has 2 of the RAP4 MilSimX M4 Assault Rifle left in stock.  Only $795.  Should I jump at it and put one in my Amazon shopping cart?  (No – I should not.) Why do I see assault weapons for sale on your website, Amazon?  Why is there no law against it, lawmakers of the US Congress? What a disgrace.

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