Wednesday/ the tokiトキ

I had to find out what the deal with this bird is : several nights now I have seen reports about it on the Japanese TV channel NHK.   One evening there was a news clip showing a nest with a new chick in it.  The researchers watching through a camera with a telephoto lens were beside themselves. Well, it is a toki or a Japanese crested ibis. The birds hover on the brink of extinction.   They used to be found in pine forests and wetlands all over Japan, China and also in South Korea.  A small population does remain in Shaanxi Province in China – but in Japan there are only 5 breeding pairs, on Sado Island in Niigata Prefecture.  They are all fitted with GPS devices, designated as National Natural Treasures.  I see some websites show its scientific name as Rhacophorus schlegelii – but Wikipedia says it is Nipponia nippon.  It does not get any more Japanese than that !

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