Tuesday/ Solar Eclipse due on Sunday

There is a annular (ring-shaped) solar eclipse due on Sunday that will start in southern China, be visible over Japan, and then over parts of the western USA as well.
We may even see a partial eclipse in Seattle but I’m not counting on it : there is rain in the forecast for Sunday!  (But don’t feel too sorry for us .. we have had spectacularly sunny weather for the last several weekends here in Seattle).  Below are some cool pictures I found on-line that shows what’s going to happen.

The NASA picture is at http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEmono/ASE2012/ASE2012.html

P.S. The answers for Monday’s Mazda picture : 1. Guy with Bugs Bunny tie has ‘big hair’; 2. Hot dog eater gets ‘stabbed’ with beach umbrella anchor; 3. Shark ‘eats’ surfer; 4. Guy ‘grabs’ black bikini gal’s – um – top; 5. The Titanic ‘sails again’.  Yes, it wasn’t too difficult, but it was fun, right?

Picture from National Astronomical Observatory of Japan- The moon will be between the earth and the sun, but its apparent diameter will only be 94% of the sun's apparent diameter. So the 'ring of fire' will be relatively thick.
NASA's picture that shows where on the surface of the earth the annular eclipse of May 2012 will be visible.
From the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan - A detail picture of sites and times when the annular eclipse is going to appear over Japan.
From http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/usa/seattle - Local times for viewing the (partial) eclipse in Seattle



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