Friday/ pâté, pizza and wine

I had a pizza and wine dinner Friday night with my friends Bryan, Gary and Christopher.  We were very French with the pâté we had for starters (should I say hors d’œuvres? I usually think of a shrimp cocktail when hear ‘hors d’œuvres’!).  The pâté was brought to us all the way from Paris, France, by Christopher.  Pâté is a mixture of cooked ground meat and fat minced into a spreadable paste.

P.S.  I know my readers COULD NOT WAIT for the solution to the math problem, so here it is below.  I hope I got it right!  It took much longer than it should have to figure it out.

The red f(x) equation is a combination of three simple linear equations, and then the solutions can be worked out for the other expressions with f(x).





The collection of pâtés that our friend Christopher brought us. We opened the orange one : a duck and orange pâté.


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