Monday/ cherry blossoms ‘forever’

The 2012 Cherry Blossom Centennial sheet of 'Forever' stamps. 'Forever' means that the stamps are still good regardless of future increases in the standard postage. But will there 'forever' be letters and post offices?

I always seem to return with a sheet of stamps after a trip to the post office.  These ‘Forever’ stamps are depicting the Cherry Blossom Centennial in Washington DC.  The post I made on April 6 was about these same cherry blossoms.  I just didn’t realize the trees in Washington DC actually came from Japan, a gift of 3,020 trees from the city of Tokyo .. which explains the Japanese woman and child in the corner of the stamp with their kimonos and sun umbrellas.  The first two cherry trees were planted on March 27, 1912.

Here is the close up that reveals the Japanese woman and child with their kimonos and sun umbrellas.



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