Sunday/ my Seoul souvenirs

Here are the only two souvenirs I bought in Seoul.  Tintin goes by Ttang Ttang in Korean.  (No, of course I cannot read Korean. But I have this Tintin book in 5 other languages already, so I had to buy the Korean one).  The other item is the lid of a porcelain bowl I spotted in a department store.  It was not expensive (about US $30) and it is very very Korean with the cranes and the deer and the blossoms. I would love to know what is used on modern porcelain for gold trim.  I am sure it’s not GOLD, but I could not find the answer immediately on-line.

Here is what 'King Ottokar's Sceptre' looks like in Korean. Tintin goes by Ttang Ttang in Korean, but Snowy and Captain Haddock goes more or less by their original French names as Millu and Hadok.
Everything on the lid says Korean folklore, so a perfect souvenir, I thought. It's made in Korea. The manufacturer is Haengnam and it's a new design, said the saleswoman.

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