Friday/ Kleine Zalze pinotage with dinner

Stellenbosch is smack bang in the middle of South Africa's wine country. Look for the Kleine Zalze estate to the right of the airstrip (aeroplane symbol)..
My glass is almost empty! The Kleine Zalze is not a fancy Pinotage - it comes with a screw top - but we liked it well enough.

Three of us went to the Dameisha Sheraton for dinner, but this time in the Italian restaurant instead of in the lobby downstairs. And what wine did we have? A pinotage from the doorstep of my South African homestead Stellenbosch where I was a student, and lived for some time later on.  Pinotage is probably South Africa’s signature red grape, around since 1925.  Even so, some South African winemakers will not have it in their vineyards. Says Wikipedia : ‘A common complaint is the tendency to develop isoamyl acetate during winemaking which leads to a sweet pungency that often smells like paint’.  Ouch.

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