Tuesday/ step away from the ‘car’

I am using the Audi Locus 2011 Concept Car as a metaphor for the SAP system we are building (both are German systems, after all).   Yes, our system has zeros and ones – not nuts and bolts – and is not as shiny .. but we are putting the finishing touches on the Construction (phase).  Next up are the final rounds of Testing.   So team members come up to me and ask ‘Can I change the instrumentation panel?’ No, you cannot – then the training manual for driving the car will also have to be changed.  ‘Can I change the tyres?’ No – we don’t have time for testing the new ones.   ‘Can I buff the paneling one more time?’  Alright – but please don’t scratch it !  .. and so on.   As with building a house or finishing up a painting, it can be hard to stop .. but you have to. Tinkering further with it, risks damaging it.  Stop it!

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