Wednesday/ too big to fail?

I love the graphics that NHK World uses with their TV shows.    The first picture shows the General Election is Nov 6 with the Republican candidate still a question mark. Also that the last Republican primary is June 26, and the Democratic and Republican National Convention dates (at which the candidates are officially announced).   Next picture has Republican candidates Mitt Romney*, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum (no Newt Gingrich, hmm).   Never mind angry birds^, check out the angry donkey (Democratic mascot) and the big angry elephant (Republican mascot).   The last picture shows the 2008 outcome when Obama’s ‘Yes, we Can’ campaign prevailed 53% over 46% over John McCain.

*with his solid New Hampshire primary win, ‘Mitt Romney has become what every capitalist dreams of:  he has become too big to fail’ says a writer for
^the smash hit Finnish computer game.

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