Wednesday/ cake from all over the world at Muji

Here are the ferries from Macau coming to the back of the hotel this morning to pick up supplies and to refuel, I think – since this is not where they pick up passengers.   And here at the airport I always go by the Japanese store Muji to ogle the packaged food offerings.   (This time I didn’t buy any since I don’t want to declare any foodstuffs coming in to the USA).     The baumkucken is a German layer cake – made on a spit by adding layers of batter – that is popular in Europe as well as Japan.  Pao de lao is a Portugese sponge cake.  And lo and behold, there is even some apple pie.      Now let me go find gate 15 and see if that turquoise Korean Air bird bound for Seoul, is sitting there already.

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