Friday/ the games people play now

These examples of text message ‘games’ adults play are from Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal.    The Very Busy Bee sends text messages without reason (to look important and popular when out with friends), the Mystery Maker sends blank messages to see how people will respond, the Clueless Replier pretends not to recognize the sender as to appear cool and aloof, the Waiting Gamer waits hours or days to reply and the Constant Chirper has other text him (her?) when on a date so that his phone seems to be constantly buzzing !  So the technology has changed, but the game playing has been around a long time, as that 1968 song from Joe South called ‘The Games People Play’, attests :

Na na na Na na na Na na / Talkin’bout you and me, yeah /and the games people play
Oh the games people play now/ ev’ry night and ev’ry day now/ never meaning what they say, yeah/ never saying what they mean.


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