Thursday/ the SAP transport

We are starting to build our solution in the SAP Development system.   That means we are creating transports – little packets of table entries or program code, and pushing the ‘truck’ button on the Transport Organizer screen.   

The SAP screens that make up the user interface sit atop a gigantic database of connected tables.  So how many are the Germans up to these days in a typical standard SAP system anyway, I wondered?  Well, there is a ‘mother of all tables’ with all the table names by the name of DD02L.  So we can check the number of names in that table.   Not everything that masquerades as a ‘table’ is a true table though.   Some are virtual tables or structures, so those should not be counted.     Finally, let’s filter out any custom tables (in most SAP systems there would be no more than a few 100, anyway).   And the answer is – drum roll ..  –  80, 674.     That’s a lot !   

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