Sunday/ fire up that grill !

This picture appeared on the front page of the advance edition of the Sunday Seattle Times.  ‘Grillin’ and chillin’, said the headline, offering several tips for a perfect barbecue.   A sample : use tongs and not a fork to turn those brats (bratwursts);   go easy on the seasoning : more is not necessarily better;  leave some room on the grill to manoeuvre when flare-ups happen.   I read it  with interest since I was always the designated barbecuer among the four boys for our family in South Africa.     There we call grilled meat braaivleis, and the sausage is boerewors (‘farmers’ sausage’, coarse-ground beef that could also have pork or mutton, with pepper and spices such as nutmeg and coriander).   It typically comes in a big spiral (picture).    A very popular side dish for boerewors is pap (a dry porridge made from coarse maize flour), served with a tomato-based relish.    So while the Brits have their bangers and mash, South Africa has wors en pap.

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