Friday/ Crayola’s Law

We’re into the last half of 2011 .. amazing.   The sky is blue and the house behind mine used to be green, but is now getting painted blue – but a very different blue than the sky!  Which Crayola crayon color would that be, I thought?  I recalled a color called midnight blue, but checking out the Crayola color chart, it seems violet blue is closer.    (There is a full listing of the Crayola colors in an entry in Wikipedia).   The chart below was published by Stephen Von Worley on his blog named Data Pointed.    The person that created the chart for him (someone called ‘Velo’) posits from the years and the number of colors Crayola’s Law : the number of Crayola crayon colors doubles every 28 years! *

*A tongue-in-cheek reference to Moore’s Law which says the number of transistors which can be placed on a silicon chip inexpensively doubles approximately every two years.

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