Tuesday/ packing up, everything this time

I’m going to Hong Kong from work on Wednesday night to fly home Thursday morning.   I will not come back for a final trip as planned originally.    So Tuesday night it was time to pack up everything I have out here!  Well – almost.   The clothing iron, pillows and a food package with Ramen noodles and soup I just left in the hotel room.   I reluctantly threw away the left-over milk (it made it here to a store all the way from the state of Wisconsin in the USA)  and Tropicana orange juice I had in the refrigerator.     

CCTV was on in the background, warning about more torrential rain in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangzte river (and the Shanghai arae).   But in the meantime Hubei Province, where Three Gorges Dam is located, is facing the worst spring drought in 50 years.   (Map from Wikipedia’s entry for Yangzte River).

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