Wednesday/ don’t climbing over the fence

These evening pictures are of the Dameisha beach.    Some of the beach is being prepared for events (beach volley ball, I suspect) for the Universiade (international student Olympics) in August.   So don’t climbing over that fence !   Word is that with a holiday weekend coming up the incoming tide of beach-goers will be limited to 40,000.  .. that still means it will be packed, though.

Here is my best effort to look up the Chinese characters by using the English.

切莫qiè ​mò​  – you must not / please don’t…  / be sure not to / on no account (do it) 

攀爬  pān​ pá​    to climb 

And of course there are colorful idioms associated with climbing as well :

难于登天nán​ yú​ dēng ​tiān –  harder than climbing to heaven (idiom) 

爬山涉水pá​ shān​ shè​ shuǐ​ – to climb mountains and wade rivers (idiom); fig. to make a long and difficult journey 

缘木求鱼yuán ​mù​ qiú​ yú​     lit. climb a tree to catch a fish (idiom); fig. to attempt the impossible 

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