Saturday/ Hong Kong Art Fair 2011

Here are pictures from the Art HK11 art fair (see the web site   I had to check my backpack and camera before they allowed me in but once inside I saw people taking pictures with their phone cameras so I did the same and could get a few pictures that way.

I’m not sure that the ‘thing’ in the outside hall is with the white ‘hairs’ .. or was it the intention of the artist to make us wonder?  At least the giant ketchup bottle in the background is no mystery!    I liked the friendly flowers at the sitting area.  There is a giant manga/ anime mural in the background, and the next picture is a close up.  I heard the agent say it has been sold already for serious money : US$250,000.

The painted BMW M3 GT2 was done by Jeff Koons and is the 2010 BMW art car.   The exhibition also featured several ‘classic’ modern works of art.   This is the famous ‘Milkdrop Coronet’ from 1957 and done by strobe photography pioneer Dr Harold Edgerton.  (I wonder if he thought of himself as an artist, though!).

The Chinese Girl on a Dish is by Yoshimoto Nara (1993), acrylic on cotton.  I didn’t make a note of the guy in the baseball cap.   The colorful playground composite picture is titled ‘Water is deep here in Beijing (2010)’ and the artist is Bu Hua (click to enlarge).    Bu Hua was born in 1973 into a painters’ family in Beijing and, as a small child, her father asked her to practice drawing each day.   She published a postage stamp at 10, and held a personal art exhibition in Hong Kong at 12 !    She is now foremost a Flash animator  – the art of creating short animated films for the internet.

I didn’t make notes of the other works of art .. but noted that the fine stainless steel mesh motorcycle with the incredible detail was done by a female artist !   The self-picture was meant to be a distorted image from a ‘time-warp’ mirror but I held the camera too close to the mirror.     So I look like my normal self – slightly disappointing, since I wanted to look a little weird to fit in better among the cool artsy people exhibiting their work and those attending the fair.  :  )


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