Saturday/ ‘second hand’ homes

The ‘baby on board’ sticker is from Saturday morning’s ‘black’ taxi that took 3 of us to work to support the on-going data conversion for the May go-live.      The flowers are from the swank lobby of the Dameisha Sheraton where we had a burger and a beer Friday night.    It would have been nice to stay in the Sheraton for the project, but it’s too expensive and instead we stay in the Pattaya Hotel (with the blue LED trim, and marked on the Dameisha map).

I still see new real estate agencies every time I come back here for my next trip, but the word is that the 2009-2010 purchasing frenzy is no longer occurring at real estate centers.   The ‘sweet spring’ of real estate buying in March and April has not materialized this year.  There are reports that housing prices especially for second hand homes as they are called here, have declined some 5% in cities such as Shanghai and Shenzhen.   And there is still no sign of life in the Ocean Crown condo complex (picture with the reflection in the water) across from the Pattaya Hotel.

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