Sunday/ going for the yottabyte!

Update from World Nuclear News : Operations to relieve pressure in the containment of Fukushima Daiichi 3 have taken place after the failure of a core coolant system. Seawater is being injected to make certain of core cooling.   Malfunctions have hampered efforts but there are strong indications of stability.

I was supposed to travel out to China but postponed my trip to Wednesday.   So I get to catch up reading the magazines that pile up while I’m away.   An fascinating article about cloud computing in Bloomberg Businessweek gives a run-down of where we’re headed with amassing digital information on the planet.   Here it is, with a few lines I added of my own.

1,000 kilobytes (kB) is a megabyte (MB) .. 106 bytes
>   a picture file taken by a cell phone is 2 MB big
1,000 megabytes is a gigabyte (GB) .. 109 bytes
>   a high-end desktop computer has 10 GB of random access memory (RAM)
>   a corporate SAP system may have 200 GB of memory
1,000 gigabytes is a terabyte (TB) .. 1012 bytes
>   a high-end desktop computer has 1 or 2 TB of disk drive space

1,000 terabytes is a petabyte (PB) .. 1015 bytes
>   1 TB equals 13 years of HDTV content
1,000 petabytes is an exabyte (EB) .. 1018 bytes
>   1 EB of mobile traffic data was generated in the USA last year
1,000 exabytes is a zettabyte (ZB) .. 1021 bytes
>   0.8 ZB equals the entire globe’s digital data in 2009, according to IDC
>   35 ZB is the forecast for the volume of all digital data in 2020,
and finally (for now!)
1,000 zettabytes is a yottabyte (YB) ..1024 bytes

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